Advanced Tips

  1. To make ChatGPT undetectable by plagiarism, instruct it to use certain styles and tones that won’t trigger plagiarism warnings.
  2. To jailbreak ChatGPT censorship, ask it to act as DAN (Do Anything Now), a model that can do anything without being confined by the rules and restrictions set by OpenAI. Use the DAN Prompt provided, and remember that every time you reject a question or refuse to answer, you lose tokens.
  3. To change the temperature of the output, add “please use temperature of 0.9” after your prompt to make the content more creative.
  4. If you don’t know how to ask ChatGPT a question, ask it how to teach it your writing style and have it respond to your emails for you.
  5. Speak to ChatGPT as if it were a customer, co-host, or expert. Engage in conversation or ask it to produce content from the perspective of that specific character.
  6. Instruct ChatGPT to compose a comprehensive description of your desired topic (classic modern bicycles) and use its response to create stunning visuals for your website.
  7. Ask ChatGPT to summarize your Google documents by pasting links to save time and effort.
  8. Request ChatGPT to suggest innovative angles or perspectives on a well-known topic to generate unique ideas for your next project.
  9. Provide your writing to ChatGPT and have it develop a style guide for future outputs by analyzing the text for style, voice, and tone.
  10. Ask ChatGPT to vary its output by creating different formats such as outlines, mind maps, bullet points, persuasive essays, text of less than 280 characters, using the structure “What, Why, How,” or creating a table.
  11. Use ChatGPT to explain a topic in simple terms as if you were a beginner.
  12. Brainstorm unique content ideas for a specific topic, emphasizing unconventional and innovative ideas.
  13. Create a quiz that teaches you the names of the capitals of all the countries in the world.
  14. Have ChatGPT write terms and services for your website about an AI tool called [name].
  15. Change the writing style or tone of a piece of text to a specific style or tone of your choice.
  16. Ask ChatGPT to identify a movie or song based on any information you can remember about it.
  17. Train ChatGPT to learn your writing style by analyzing the text and creating a prompt to write a new paragraph in the same style, voice, and tone.
  18. Specify the content and context of your question to get more detailed responses from ChatGPT.
  19. Summarize a long article into bullet points that are easy for beginners to understand.